Children and Their Future

About 30% of Avondale School District’s children (approximately 1,068 students) are on the Free and Reduced Fee Lunch Program. These numbers have increase each year since the 2006-07 school year. The dramatic increase is attributed to the sagging State’s economy and the difficulty of parents finding work following layoffs.By assisting these at-risk students now we will be changing the future of families and children for the better. Thriving children who are part of a strong, vibrant and engaged community will have a better chance to mature into strong, self-reliant individuals.

First in Michigan / First District Wide in US

The Avondale School District is the first in Michigan to embrace this program and implement it district wide through the entire United States. Blessings in a Backpack can make a difference not only in the Avondale community but the entire state. Avondale’s initiative is an example to all school districts in Michigan on how we can demonstrate caring for the well being of all students beyond the classroom. The Avondale School District is the first in the United States to provide meals to all at-risk students striving to achieve the goal that no student in the entire district will go home hungry on the weekend.

Model For Other Communities

The Avondale project is the first in the country to operate as a partnership between an entire school district, a Foundation, Corporations and private citizens and will serve as a model for other cities to emulate.

Program Results

The results for the first two years of the Avondale program exceeded everyone’s expectations. The schools reported the following results:

Category 2008/2009 2009/2010
Increase Test Scores 45% additional 54%
Improved Attendance 45% additional 30%
Decrease Behavioral Issues 35% additional 29%
Greater Attention Spans 40% additional 44%
Improved Class Atmosphere 55% additional 47%


Trivia Night

Packing Information

Wednesday 3:00 pm. Avondale Academy 1435 Auburn Road Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (Former Meadows Upper Elementary)

Steering Committee

Chairperson Kessie Kaltsounis

Hildy Corbett

Tony DeTomaso

Susan Jackson

Annette McAvoy

Janelle Tischer

Gary Wade

Mary Yagley

Community Partners

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