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What the teachers say

This is not your normal food charity. Our food is off the Meijer shelf, kid friendly and stays in the community. We understand it is important to know if our efforts make a difference. Because of privacy concerns, our group never has access to names or other individual information. So we asked teachers with students receiving weekly backpacks.

Ms. Beszka told us; “They joyfully run into the hallway and try to get a peek of what they have for the weekend.” She went on further to say; “I know the [students] that receive the backpacks enjoy coming to school. They care to try their best and learn.” Not being hungry makes a positive difference when a child needs to focus on learning.

Mrs. Whitenight has had up to approximately 20% of her class receive backpacks. Mrs. Whitenight shared; “They receive their backpacks with joy and enthusiasm. They feel a sense of ownership and independence when they receive the backpack.” Volunteer efforts make a difference while your donations make it possible.

You can bring the “joy and enthusiasm” to children right here in our community. Get involved by being a volunteer, a sponsor or both

Looking to Expand

This is the third year for the Utica team to provide much needed weekend meals to qualified children at two elementary schools in the Utica Community School District. While working hard to maintain the program at the two schools, serious consideration has been given to expand the program to a third school this year. Of course, many things impact the decision to expand.

  • Volunteers to move the filled backpacks to the new school and back to be refilled must happen. (2 hour commitment)

  • Adding a third school could require the use of large van or small enclosed truck once a month to move food from Meijer to the packing facility. (2 hour commitment)
  • Funding to support the new school needs to be assured. 

  • Help to move the food at Meijer and the packing facility is needed once per month (1 hour each location).

If you can help, please get involved. Time, money, ideas and resources help to fight child hunger right here in our neighborhood.

Spotlight on a Volunteer

Randy Hardy joined our team early in our effort to deliver food to children in need. He heard about us as a member of the Shelby Optimist club, one of our earliest supporting groups.

Randy helps with the monthly food delivery from Meijer to Henry Ford II High School. He also attends the weekly packing sessions, packing backpacks with six meals and then helping to load the bins into the cars to be driven to the schools.

Our little group appreciates Randy’s willingness to cheerfully lend a hand wherever it is needed.

Randy would encourage anyone looking to help feed hungry children in our area to signup by following the link under Packing.


Packing Information

Visit our Packing Information page

Day & Time:
Wednesdays at 4:30 PM

Henry Food High School
11911 Clinton River Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Steering Committee

Chairperson – Wendy Castillo
Vice-Chair – Sandra McLeod
Secretary – Rachel Matti
Laura DeVonce
Bob Maynard
Joann Maynard

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